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Raising slogans in Public places – is it acceptable? : Karuthu Peravai Debates

Karuthu Peravai is tamilnaadulive’s platform for debating current issues.

The programme brings a fresh perspective to debates on current issues. On any given topic Karuthu Peravai presents views ‘For‘ the topic under discussion views ‘Against‘ the topic and ‘Karuthu Peravai’s View‘!!

Apart from two panelists speaking for the topic and against it. Public Opinion on both sides of the issue is an important part of the programme.

This week Karuthu Peravai debates:

Raising slogans in Public places – is it acceptable?

The topic assumes significance after the incident at Thoothukudi Airport.

Watch the programme to get an informed perspective on the issue. We are sure you will like the content.

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Karuthu Peravai by tamilnaadulive – a refreshingly new take!


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