Come to us with your demands: Rahul Gandhi to Teachers

Congress party is commencing it’s work in drafting a manifesto. I want the teachers to form a delegation and come to us with your demands, said Congress President Rahul Gandhi speaking to teachers at Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi today.

When Mr. Obama said the real competition for USA is the engineers/doctors/lawyers coming out of India, he was praising the teachers of India. Everybody talks about the success of the Indian education system.

Teachers are a very important resource in the country, who work in extremely difficult circumstances.

As far as the Indian education system is concerned, Two things are non-negotiable: Teachers should be able to express and the teachers should be given a vision for their own future.

For me, it is impossible to lead India, without having a conversation with India. The idea is, I should be a reflection of what is in your heart.

I will promise you one thing, we will reverse the centralisation of power that is done by Modi govt. We will restore autonomy to institutions.

The foundation of our system is the public education system. This doesn’t mean there is no space for private institutions, but, the guiding light should be public institutions. Govt should see education as a strategic resource and must put money into it.

Every govt has had successes since Independence. Today an ideology is imposed on the teachers, and I understand that.

A country of over a billion people cannot possibly be run on one single idea. The fact that we allow our people to express is the strength of our country, the Congress President said.

I’m coming here as a student to listen to you. I have my views on the education system in the country, but I defer to your understanding of the education system in the country, because you are fighting the battle, Rahul Gandhi said.

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Pic Courtesy @INCIndia

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