In the News today – 12 August 2019

Rahul Gandhi:

  • I visited the epicentre of Puthumala landslide in Meppadi district in Wayanad.
  • This is the site of a terrible landslide that destroyed an entire village.
  • Many people are still feared to be trapped & rescue work is ongoing.

Successful rescue of 28 crew members

  • Here’s a close-up video of efforts which led to successful rescue of 28 crew members from the Offshore Support Vessel Coastal Jaguar.
  • Shot by one of the personnel on the first responder ships. 
  • Coastal Jaguar caught fire after a loud explosion on the ship off Vishakhapatnam

When a dam’s gates are opened …

  • Srisailam dam.
  • This attached video shows how plunge pool of spillway behaves when spillway gates are opened during recent flood.
  • Good insight to dam safety experts, tweeted Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project


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